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'Khaleesi' Pillow Cover


This pillow cover was inspired by one of the greatest shows ever: Game of Thrones! I love the textures, colors and hardware of the costume designs, particularly Khaleesi's. The pebbled leather reflects her gracious and brooding dragons, while the gold contrasts that with reflections of royalty and wealth. 

Gold crushed velvet fabric with an inlay of faux leather pebbled with gold tones as well. The closure is an invisible black zipper. 

 Measures: 15in.x15in.

Insert not included.

Closure: Invisible Zipper

*Pillow cover instructional:
Pillow covers should typically be purchased 1-1 1/2 in smaller than the pillow insert. So, if you have an insert that measures 18x18, then the pillow cover should be 17x17. However, for smaller pillow covers (14x14 or less) the pillow insert should ideally be no larger than the pillow cover. Please be gentle when filling or inserting forms into covers; even the strongest of pillow covers can rip or tear if not handled with care.

*Pillow cover is photographed with a 16in.x16in. insert, but due to the soft nature of this cover, a 17in insert would offer a plumper look.

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