woman seated and smiling with rainbow skirt and blond ombre natural curly hair cut. She is Uri owner of Elan by Uri

Uri Browne-Godfrey, Founder Elan by Uri. 

I was raised in Brooklyn by way of the Caribbean; St. Vincent and the Grenadines to be precise. Although my mother, was an entrepreneur in the education field, she was the first decorator and designer I ever knew. I witnessed her transform our house into a home through a collection of family heirlooms, vintage shops, and designer stores.

We’d walk through the city looking for the perfect fabric to upholster the furniture and scour thrift stores for unique home decor. Essentially, I am living my childhood all over again but this time I get to share my love and appreciation of all things home, style, and design with you!

After working in healthcare, fashion, public relations and even completing a year of law school I started Elan by Uri in 2016. I made a decision to return to what I knew and loved: design and decor.At first I focused on upholstery and custom pillows and now I have expanded to interior design services and a plethora of home accessories.

A few year prior to starting Elan by Uri I lost mother to breast cancer. She was such a great influence on who I am as a woman, but also a business woman and designer. The signature pink zippers on all pillows are in honor of my late mother and all women affected by breast cancer and the families that support them. 

So go on, shop my finds curated just for you, subscribe to our email list, and don't forget to get mammograms as recommended. Early detection is key! 

Stylishly yours,