Uri Browne-Godfrey is a New York City-based interior designer and owner of Elan by Uri, a home decor and design studio for those who love sensible luxury, style & sophistication.

The Caribbean-born maker has a passion for all things home, style, and design. After more than a decade pursuing a career in fashion law,  Uri Browne-Godfrey left law school to launch her own home decor and interior design studio, Elan by Uri. 

A third-generation entrepreneur with over 15 years of consulting and executing interior design projects, event planning, and creative styling, she started by sewing pillows and doing upholstery for her immediate circle. Quickly, Uri found her passion in creating beautiful spaces and pieces for young professionals and expanded her design services. Elan by Uri even offers a bespoke pillow service for a custom, handmade pillow design. 

Elan by Uri was inspired by Uri’s late mother, who inspired her in the areas of entrepreneurship, design, and hosting. The signature pink zippers on her designs are to pay homage to her and all the women and families affected by breast cancer.