To upholster or not to upholster?

Your favorite chair is on its last thread; you can’t bear to part with it, but you can't stand looking at it either. The decision gets even harder when the chair is sentimental or you’re on a budget. Upholstery is not only a sustainable option, it is an opportunity to have a unique masterpiece made uniquely for your home.

Here are a few considerations to make in deciding if professional upholstery is the right option for you.

  1. Does it have good bones? It is never a good idea to throw good money after bad. If your piece is not structurally sound, or you notice wear and tear to the frame after a short period of time upholstery may not be the best investment.

                    AFTER                                                                        BEFORE

Elan by Uri ottoman graffiti after
  1.  What is the function of the piece? Is the piece in a room used only on occasion or something in use every day. This can directly influence your fabric color and texture choices. For example, for kitchen chairs you may consider an indoor/outdoor fabric that is water resistant; particularly if you have a family with young children because cleanup is easy. However, for more formal room with limited use you may consider a more delicate fabric.
  1. What is your timeline? Upholstering a piece can involve a combination of sanding and staining; repairing of wood, padding, springs, filling and so much more.  It can take anywhere from a few days to 8 to weeks for a piece to be completed depending on its size, amount of repair needed.

Ultimately, we're all thinking of ways to save the planet, save money and be undeniably stylish! Upholstery is a great way to reduce waste while being unique.

If you have something you're thinking of having upholstering I'd love to see and hear your ideas! Send me a photo of your projects via email or send me a DM!


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