Statement Elements for your Home

Adding statement elements to your home can be just as dynamic as adding accessories to your wardrobe. I like to think of my home as one big closet for all the things I love. Like any good wardrobe, your home needs those once of kind, “wow” pieces to complete it. Think of those drop earrings that you love or the classic timepiece you wear with practically everything.

Statement home décor works in a similar way; we make the purchase because we can’t live without it. There are a few areas in your home that are perfect for making a statement while still decorating for longevity and function.

1. Laundry rooms are prime areas for dynamic floor tiles and color coordinated storage solutions and don't forget colored appliances. The wallpaper and floor tile here pack a huge design punch. The contrasting patterns among three moody colors is perfection: laundry has never been so sophisticated!

bold laundry room

2. Large art pieces make any room feel refined, thoughtful and brings the artsy friend vibe for sure. Art work you love never goes out of styles so think less about trends and more about value to you. 


3. I see rugs as a canvases you can walk on. In one piece you can add color, texture and comfort to your space, making it more grounded and defined. 



4. Who says a sofa has to be rectangular and have straight legs? Living areas can easily become doldrum spaces of gray, beige and brown. Mix things up a bit by making a statement with the colors, shapes and angles of your seating.

5. I've heard powder rooms referred to as "the jewelry box of your home." It's a smaller space where you'd feel more comfortable splurging on bold wallpaper and  punchy colors. Imagine walking into a world separate but complimentary to the rest of your home; its exciting!


Now go forth and sprinkle your home with statements of your personal style! Let me see what you're working on!

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