Spring into Style


What’s not to love about spring? The birds are chirping, the grass is growing vibrant green, the flowers are blooming warm pinks and yellows- all that cliche stuff. Since you’ve stopped by, I’ll bet you’re just like me when it comes to seasonal design. You want your home decor to speak volumes about what you're feeling inside, just as much as you want it to reflect the beauty of what's happening outside.


geometric multi-colored elan by uri throw pillow

I want to share a few helpful tips for styling your home so you can kill the home decor game this 2021 spring season.

Let’s talk color. Spring marks the rebirth of vibrancy, the transformation from grey tones to bright, warm hues. Don’t be afraid to apply that same poetry to your home decor! Cut out the colors and accents that aren’t serving you and replace them with bright pops of pastels and even neons to fill your space with energy. If you’re on a budget or not looking to take on a complete renovation, that’s perfectly fine. I assure you, it really doesn't take much to shift the mood of a room, all you need are some colorful additions placed in key focus points.  In the spirit of sunshine and light and brightness, you’ll want to make the switch towards lighter fabrics- nudes, whites, creams, you get the idea. And of course, add greenery. Liven up your indoors with earthy tones that bring the outside in. Vines, planters, and flowers are a great way to accomplish this, try to be creative with your potting!

Basket Planters-Elan by Uri


Let’s talk trends. If you’re looking to keep your style up to date with the latest fads,  I have some top decorating tips for you to experiment with during your redecorating. When was the last time you switched up the lamps and light fixtures in your home? Being creative in this area goes a long way to add some excitement to your space. Try looking into decorative lighting, hanging lamps, abstract shades, unique patterns, knotted light fixtures, etc. You never know what might speak to you. Keep an eye out for geometric shapes, if you’re replacing any furniture, this is a great way to add dynamics and movement to your rooms. If you’re craftsy or hoping to free up some space, multipurpose furniture is definitely a trend you’ll want to incorporate. Finally, in the name of Spring, you’ll want to keep an eye on earthy palettes of course but textures as well. Look for wicker, soft linens, and woven textures when shopping for new furniture and decorative pieces.















Here's my favorite part: the purge. As fun and exciting as spring decorating will be, you  can’t properly bring in the new without purging the old. My last suggestion is to put as much time into deep-cleaning your space as you will styling it. Maintaining a clean home with pets, and even without can be difficult, but interior decorating hinges on organization and cleanliness to reach full it’s potential. Clear out old furniture, clothes, and other unnecessary items, try using decorative baskets to hide away clutter, replace old paintings, and my favorite- get some new candles or fabric spray to have your home smelling amazing.


Let me know if this guide helps and drop your results in the comments!


Stylishly yours,




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