Is it over for the open floor plan?

Has working from home reintroduced a new need for doors, walls and sound barriers? Between rambunctious children learning from home and the spouse who won’t stop running the vacuum, I would say yes! The need for privacy and clear boundaries between rooms is so critical as we now live all parts of our lives under one roof. 

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of private kitchen ares. There’s something about walking through the double doors of the kitchen and being able to prepare a meal for guests that I can appreciate. It allows an element of privacy and anticipation when entertaining. Not having guests see the dishes slowly pile up is also a plus! Being able to separate workspace from home space can really offer a sense of clarity. 

If a renovation isn't in the cards, here are a few ways to create boundaries without building walls.

1) Room dividers can be a stylish fix for dividing spaces. Some dividers can fold away or serve a dual purpose such a bookshelf or floating plant wall.


2) If you’re using a common area as a work space try to stay as organized as possible. This is where great storage solutions come into play. Coordinating bins, baskets, and shelves can blend with your decor while provision function storage. 

3) When you find yourself working in bed all day (no judgement!) you may want to consider a Murphy style bed.
A Murphy beds folds up and into the wall which allows you to transform your room into a true office during the day.
This can be a great privacy solution if you live with others and are concerned about space. 


4) A spare closet can also make a great office. Leaving the doors on the closet will allow you to create the boundary between work and home without having to use additional floor space.Elan by Uri Interior design project- spare room turned office and guest room


Are you still a fan of the open concept ? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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