Incoming and Outgoing Trends


The longest lasting trend will always be designing your home with what you love. Trends are ever changing and the pandemic has definitely affected our  home design as we learn to live our many lives at home. Here are a few trends entering and leaving 2021. 

The open floor plan is dead

The open floor plan is surely fading away as we have a need for privacy and clearly defined spaces like we never have before. We’ve realized in 2020 that when our major activities at home are entertaining and fun an open floor plan is great. But when we’re going to school, work, gym and even dating at home the need to define spaces has become essential to productivity at home.

Designer: CC & Mike

Everything vintage and pre-loved

We’ll see a lot more reuse and recycle of vintage and pre-loved pieces. Upholstery requests are rising as we become more conscious of our effect on the environment.  Awareness of the value of great craftsmanship and a longing for pieces that are customized and truly represent who we are in our homes has given way to clients being more open to investing in custom pieces.

Dining Chair Do-Over


 Leaving gray in 2020

Homes are introducing more color where there used to be all neutrals of color to give their homes a new life after being hunkered in them for so long. Pillows, lamps, throw pillows and other decorative accessories are a great way to add color to a living room.

Design by Miriam Alia
Designer: Miriam Alia

Embracing grandmillennial style trend 

Between patterned wallpaper and ornate lampshades 80's decor is rearing its head. There’s so much nostalgia for the way the world used to be that our styles at home are starting to reflect that

Photographer:Virginia Macdonald | Source:House & Home | Designer:Youssef Hasbani


What are you thoughts? Are you a trendy shopper or are you all about the classics? To inquire about design and upholstery services contact us today!

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