Three... and a Half ways to Spruce up for the Holidays

I saw a meme this week that said "90% of adulthood is saying 'wow I can't believe it's already (holiday name)' to your friends every month 'til you die." It was hysterical and so accurate for me. Every year I am shocked at how quickly Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around. The year of the pandemic has skewed my sense of time even more!

So, if you haven't gotten to all your home renovation plans, don't panic. There's still some things you can do to give your space a quick facelift before your friends and family come by. Here are a few ideas to uplift a space that work well individually and will do wonders together.

  1. Paint. I am always so impressed with what a few cans of paint can do to improve a space. It can help make your space feels bigger, more cozy or create a stunning feature. Invite a few friends overs for a sip and paint or contact a local business if you have the budget for it. Don't forget to sample your paint colors first!         Paint Cans
  2. Peel and stick wallpaper/tile. The peel and stick options result in little to no damage when  applied correctly. Also, with so may interesting designs and color options there is no limit to how it can transform and inspires your space. It can be helpful to test out some of your theories and color palettes before committing to a design direction.
  3. Add a few layers. Sometimes all a room needs to make It feel like home are a few layers. A soft rug, colorful throw pillows, cozy blanket and new drapes can completely turn a room around. Don't hesitate to mix prints and patterns to make your room feel collected and thoughtful. 
  4. Light a candle and chill out. Listen, if all else fails, just clean up, light some candles and have your family over anyway. Life is too short and you'll have more witnesses of the gradual glow up of your home! #Selfcare

Need help picking colors or choosing décor? Trying to work through design of a new space? No worries! Book a consultation with me to pick my brain on all things design, décor and home entertaining. Talk to you soon!

Stylishly yours, 


Uri B.Godfrey




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