Designing Small Spaces

Small spaces can be just as stylish and organized as their sprawling estate counterparts. Size doesn’t matter in cleanliness and functionality. It’s all about methods of storage, creating as much floor space as possible and getting a little creative. Here are 5 ideas on how you can make the most of your space while creating a home you love to spend time in.  


1.  Turn a closet into a hideaway work-station. This simple change allows you to close your “office doors” for the day and really check out of work at the end of the day. In addition it frees up floor space in the room for more storage, seating, or whatever your needs may be. A tabletop, overhead shelf and lighting are the key components to bringing this all together. To make it truly seamless add a chair with adjustable height or an ottoman. Either option can be slid under the tabletop to completely store it away or be used for extra seating when you have friends over.

2.  Storage ottomans, benches, and beds are your friend. The number one problem in smaller spaces seems to be “where do I put everything?!”  If you need your space to serve multiple functions or multiple people, storage furniture is a practical option.  It helps to hide things away when you don’t need them and have easy access when you do. Ottomans are great pieces to bring in color and texture to your space.

3.  Swap your TV for a projector. You don’t need a movie room to simulate the theatre experience. All you need is a blank wall and a tiny projector! It frees up floor space for floor pillows or ottomans for additional seating or bookshelves for your growing collection. I personally love my projector versus television, especially when you have company over for your favorite premiere


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4.  Think vertically. When you need all the floor space you can get turn to wall storage or displays using shelving and even crates. These spaces can be used for books, plants, or the space where you drop your keys, wallet and sunglasses.

5.  Measure twice; buy once. Always consider your available space before buying. Whether its shelves for wall installation or furniture your measuring tool is your best friend.  Nichole Samuel of Goddess interiors has a great E-book on how to measure your space before buying furniture.  

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