Our Story


The creator of Élan by Uri. was not a fan of nicknames growing up, but in 2012, when thinking of a name for her creative business she wanted something personal, something that spoke to her unique story. What was more unique than her own name?! Her mom’s name was Uris, and she wanted to pass the name on, without her daughter having to suffer as a Jr., so, she she bestowed on her baby girl the prefix of her name: “Uri,” added “eke” and voila… “Urieke” was born!


URI’s fondest childhood memories are of waking up early on Sunday mornings to “walk street” as her Island born mom would say. Why? To SHOP of course! From morning until night they’d comb through the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan for the best deals that every thrift, consignment, close-out, or outlet store had to offer; stopping only for a NY pizza slice or a Ladies Lunch. It was on those trips she learned to keep her eyes peeled for the best deals and never pay more than she had to. Antique furniture and purses filled with fabric swatches became a way of life. This love for unique and stylish pieces for both home and body gave birth to Élan by Uri. in 2012.

Uri. is the beginning. It is the foundation. It is the inspiration. It is the part of Urieke that catches the glimmer where no one sees the gold and to identity the treasure where everyone else sees trash. It is the part of her that acknowledges that everything that has been loved, deserves to be loved again, that personal style is free yet priceless, and creations by hand will always be en vogue.


So, we invite you to join on us in cultivating our individuality, our uniqueness, and our essence with undeniable Élan.